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dog gourmet treats

I was asked to dog sit for a student of mine. His girlfriend had taken in this stray dog, but her parents wouldn’t let her keep it, so their plan was to get an dog gourmet treats the next 30 days so that they could keep this dog.

I agreed. It was wonderful….at first because I was told that the dog was trained. I live in an apartment, so the option of leaving the dog outside was null.

Well, the dog pee’d and poo’d and it wasn’t until week later that I was told that the dog was used to being outside. Ugh. So for two months I dog sitted and realized that my life is not conducive to a dog. I enjoyed walking and playing with her, but during the day my neighbors said she howled and howled and when I got home I would find my furniture ruined.

I confined her to the kitchen, but she got out. After I gave her back to her owners, I cleaned the room where she lived and found poo in the closet and in every corner. I was misery. She was the cutest dog and people loved her when I walked her, but she was a handfull.

The Tao of Badass - It Was a Total Secret

This article is about how The Tao of Badass brought my perfect guy Will and I together, and I didn't even know it. Now we are so happy together, and The Tao of Badass is to thank for all of it
Would we have found this awesome relationship if he hadn’t gotten a bit more suave and learned how to attract me with The Tao of Badass? It's a mystery!

Will has since told me that before he read it, he often was a little bit awkward and stuttery around women that he thought he had a connection with.

He had lots of girls who liked him as a friend, but he never seemed to be able to win over the ones he really wanted to be with and convince them to give him a chance romantically.

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At first I was mad

So, how did I reveal that he initially attracted me using some subtle moves and tips from this controversial dating book?

One day when he was at work, I was using his laptop to skype my friend. Something on the desktop caught my eye, with a unusual title, “The Tao of Badass Review. I couldn't help myself, I was super curious.
Now, I’m not one to snoop or anything, but it was right there on the desktop, so I assumed it was nothing private and I checked it out.

As I skimmed the pages, some of the techniques and approaches started to sound a tiny bit familiar…It wasn’t obvious or anything, but I specifically remembered being swayed by his boldness and ease when we first met, and it started me thinking that this Tao of Badass book might have been the tool Will had used to learn his way of winning me over.

At first I was kind of confused, like I had been faked or something. I thought about bringing it up and explaining how I can’t believe he had used a secret technique to attract me!

But then I realized - all The Tao of Badass had in fact done was taught Will how to be self-confident and move our first conversation forward in a provocative and fun way, so that I could subconsciously see his real value as a guy and what a sweet catch he really is.

The Tao of Badass helped my boyfriend show me what a catch he really is

After that, I realized that I was really thankful that my boyfriend learned to have the confidence to pick up the woman he ultimately desired, which just happened to be me (although he probably could have had his pick of any girl in the room!!) and I wanted to share this opportunity to find someone great to be with with other people.

And it’s not only for guys who want to only find something long term.

Maybe you are wanting to play the field for a while, dating lots of different exciting partners as often as you want, whenever you want, to see what it is you’re really looking for?

I’ve read it, and The Tao of Badass will make you an expert in:

1. get girls to pursue you instead of you chasing them
2. tap into a girl’s self-conscious so that they can’t help but want to be around you
3. send undercover signals that make sure girls will think of you as a candidate for a relationship, instead of just a friend
4. learn one phrase that you can say to a girl that will cue her to lean in for a kiss, even if she wasn’t attracted to you before
5. start to seduce her before you've even finished saying hello to her
6. have authority and reel in girls simultaneously - girls will want to be with you more, and guys will look up to you more!

Imagine what your life could be like in next month if you learned these secrets now - it could be fully upgraded.

No more trying to chat up girls and failing miserably - rather, you will hear her lean over and say, “Who are you, and where have you been all my life?”

That’s pretty much what went down between my boyfriend and I, so I know how well this really works.
And I’m not just one of those silly skanks you pick up at the club and regret the next day. The Tao of Badass philosophy will get you in with on the smart, sexy women who you really want to attract and be with.


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